Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Story

As a child I was a very imaginative and creative child! I loved dressing up! I loved becoming other character that I saw on TV or heard in books! Yet, I had a problem. I had very severe learning difficulties. Especially in math and reading. While I could look at the pictures and tell you a story almost better than what was actually written in the book, I could not read the words.

While my friends in my class were making great strides in there reading I was not. I took many tests with specialist in the Special education field. I remember at the age of six hearing one of these "Specialist" tell my parents that I would never learn how to read. Being, a head strong little girl, I knew that I was going to learn how to read. My parents provided me with many books to "read". They read to me. They read and read and read and read until I'm sure they didn't want to read anymore.

Through all those many books I learned to love books. That love for books translated into the desire to learn to read. It wasn't easy and it didn't happen over night, but it happened!

I love visiting each of the centers and sharing the joy of books with the children. While, I have a great time with your children, I believe that I am not the most important reader in your child's life. You are! Please take 10 minutes and read a book to your child!!!

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