Monday, March 30, 2009

Creepy Crawly :D

This week's theme at Kids-R-Kids has to do with things that are Creepy Crawly!

So check out these activities that you can do at home!

Wiggle Worm Craft.
You can find the directions here!

You can find more Creepy Crawly Crafts here

and here

Bug Snacks

Make snack time extra fun and tasting with creepy, crawly snacks. For this tasty sensory activity you can make "bugs on a log" with a celery stick, peanut butter and raisins. Make some spider cookies with oreo cookies, black licorice for the legs, and red hots for the eyes. Use a bit of frosting to hold the eyes and legs in place. You can even make a caterpillar with slices of bananas, peanut butter, small pretzel sticks and raisins. Simply spread peanut butter on the banana slices and squish together to form the body. Place the pretzel sticks to create legs and plop on the raisins for the eyes.

Dirt Sundae


Oreo Cookies

Instant Chocolate Pudding


Gummy Worm Candy


1. We poured the package of chocolate pudding into a gallon size ziploc bag

2. We poured in milk according to the pudding package directions

3. We let the kids shake the bag for a few minutes

4. We placed the oreo cookies in another gallon size ziploc bag.

5. We let the kids crush the cookies using a small hammer. (This was a lot of fun)

6. We poured the pudding into bowls and topped the pudding with the crushed oreo cookies and gummy worms!

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