Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Snow Storm!!!

The Snow is coming!!!!

I am so glad that I got to all the classes today at Fairfield before the weather took a real turn for the worst! I hope everyone got home safely!! Have fun playing in the snow this weekend!!!

Mr. Wiggins with Ms. Christina at Fairfield

Mr. Wiggins and I took some pictures of awesome decorations at the different schools we go to!! We just wanted to share a few!

A Painting done by one of the Toddler Classes at Fairfield

In the in the Turtle Room at Fairfield

Comb paintings done by the Froggy room at Fairfield

From the Penguin room at U.C.

Rainbow made by the Monkey class at U.C

Displayed in the Shark Classroom at UC

Outside the Monkey Classroom at Fairfield

Have a wonderful weekend! Off to enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate and a good book!


Auntie Em

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