Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Community Service and The Big Give

I watched the BIG GIVE on TV this weekend. You may being thinking " Not another reality show." This one was different. While the contestants are competing, they are also changing a lot of lives along the way. I must say that this show did make me cry a little bit. Nothing warms my heart more seeing other people being helped!

I have been thinking alot about community service lately. It has been a large part of who I am for many years. I've volunteered at church and at a local school as a teacher drama. I have been thinking about volunteer opportunties that I can get involved with. Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald house are of interest to me. Who knows what will happen!!!

As your going about your day today, just think about a small kindness you can do for another person. Open a door for someone! Let someone merge into your lane on the highway! Smile!!

Auntie Em

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